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Basic Kit


A basic list of initial kit items and costs will be provided. The total basic kit amount for a man is approximately $300. Do not purchase any equipment before discussing it with unit representatives. Do remember initially you would be able to borrow most of the equipment as many members have spare.

Basic kit items for men are;

   Shirt, neck stock, pants, gaiters, brogans, haversack, barrack's jacket, forage cap


Regimental items for men are; (these are acquired as time permits after joining)

   Red coat, musket and bayonet, shako, belting, cartridge box



This is the single most expensive item that a new member will purchase to become a soldier on the line.  Muskets range from $700 to $1100 new and $500 to $800 used.


There are many producers and sellers of reproduction muskets.  The unit will provide you with listings and options of purchase.


The regimental tunic is made of 100% wool and are reproduced as historically accurate as can be determined through exhaustive research. Depending where one gets it made and by whom will determine the cost.  A new regimental tunic can range anywhere from $300 to $500. There are several options to have it made.  A new member can make their own, have a friend who can sew make it, or we can recommend a number of sources to contact.


In addition to the basic kit (pants, shirt, gaiters, neck stock, barrack's jacket, forage cap and the tunic/musket) a new recruit should endeavour to acquire as soon as possible a standard British wedge tent of the period. This valuable piece of equipment costs roughly $350-$400 and allows the member to camp out with the unit and battalion.


As mentioned previously do not rush out and purchase items right away. Come out and join us to see what it is like and if it is for you. Once you are sure, the unit will provide a list of items which should be purchased and in what order of importance.

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