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The 1812 Royal Scots Grenadiers are a re-enactment unit of the War of 1812 created by the Upper Canada Military Re-enactment Society.


Based in south-western Ontario, members of the Royal Scots Grenadiers regularly participate in re-enactment events throughout Ontario, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 

To see where we might be next check out our Calendar of Events page. The group has many members from all walks of life and age groups with both single members and families.

If you enjoy history, travel, camping and visiting interesting places and think you may be interested in re-enacting contact us today to join the 1st Regiment of Foot, the Royal Scots Grenadiers.  Membership is available to all members of a family and there are many roles which can be portrayed.  
Take the King's Shilling and join today. We are a green hobby as we recycle more than just our soldiers. For more information, join us at an event to learn more. 
Our members will be happy to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Our members are dedicated to preserving the memory of the War of 1812 and the courageous men who fought in it. We strive to educate the public on this important piece of history.

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